What is Evolution Life?

It is your space and time to remember who you really are, to heal and transcend the blocks that limit you to express your maximum potential, your light, your power. Hello I am Elvira Barcala a Certified Coach by Fowler International Academy, Also a Reiki, Reconnective and Shamanic Healer and I am here to guide you in the adventure of rediscovering your being and connecting with the Peace and Joy that You Are!

Evolution Life offers different ways to balance and elevate your energy such as:


Life Coaching:
to guide you to heal traumas, mental and emotional blocks and achieve the goals you want.


Reiki, Reconnective and Shamanic Healing:

to balance your chakras therefore your energy field mental, emotional, energetic, physical and spiritual.

Reprogramming the Subconscious Mind:

Using the Psych-K Method to unlock limiting emotions and beliefs and reprogram beliefs aligned to your being and your goals so that you can attract to your life what if you want and that is aligned with your destiny.


to relax and connect with your Being.

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